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5 Family Traditions to Make the End of the School Year Special

Source: @therockstarfamily
Source: @therockstarfamily

Even though we’re all practically counting down the seconds until summer starts, celebrating the end of the school year is still an absolute must. As the school year draws to a close, you have the special opportunity to celebrate your child’s accomplishments and create treasured memories through traditions that will be cherished for years to come. Your little ones have spent the school year working hard five days a week—not to mention all the emails you read, lunches you packed, and school events you attended—everyone deserves a little celebration, right?

And by establishing traditions, the end of the school year comes with an extra dose of excitement, turning it into a truly special moment for everyone. These traditions not only provide a way to acknowledge their achievements but are also a way for the entire family to come together and enjoy some meaningful quality time. So, whether you want something low-key or a little more thought out, we have you covered.

Below, we’re sharing five last-day-of-school traditions that are sure to bring even more joy to the end of the school year for your kiddos.


1. Take the Last Day of School Photo

We all know about the first day of school picture tradition, but the last day of school deserves some love, too. Whether your tradition involves a Pinterest-worthy chalkboard sign, a front porch pose, or a sweet snap in front of your child’s school, this is one of the super simple last day of school traditions you will not regret sticking to. Seeing your kid’s growth throughout all of their years of schooling is something so nostalgic, and will be so fun to look back at down the line. 


last day of school family traditions

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2. Make and Share a Memory Jar

Looking for something a little more sentimental? Create a memory jar where everyone in the family can jot down their favorite moments from the school year (a fun project, making a new friend, doing well on a test, etc.). Then, read them aloud during a special end-of-year celebration like over a pizza and ice cream dinner (or another kid-favorite meal) to reflect on the year’s highlights and reminisce on everything that made the year great. 


3. Create an End-of-Year Scrapbook

Encourage your little one’s creativity by making an end-of-year scrapbook together. Collect photos, drawings, and mementos from the school year and let your child personalize each page with a super fun day of crafting and DIYs. It will serve as an adorable keepsake of their growth and accomplishments, and will be so heartwarming to look back on as they get older. Imagine comparing their kindergarten scrapbook to their senior year scrapbook (cue the tears). 


4. Get Their Teachers a Thoughtful Gift

Getting a special gift for their teacher is a thoughtful and meaningful way for children to express some appreciation for the dedication and hard work their teacher has put in throughout the school year. It can be a personalized item, such as a handwritten note, craft project, or another DIY that can be fun to spend some time putting together. Or, you can make the tradition the outing of going to shopping to grab them something like books, school supplies, a plant, or even a just a classic Starbucks gift card. 



5. Ask Them How They Want to Celebrate the End of School

We we want to make each significant moment in our child’s life feel extra special. Like an elaborate first birthday party, these big moments are sometimes more for parents than for them (and for the pictures we can show them when they’re older). Kids might actually have some creative ideas of their own for ways they want to celebrate! By asking them what they want to do, you might be pleasantly surprised by the sweet simplicity in their requests.

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