The Everymom Articles Our Editors Loved From 2020

As another year closes, we love looking back on all the stories we’ve shared on The Everymom. As writers, we share our own experiences, but as readers, we also learn so much from the others that share this space. In the past year, we’ve found advice, comfort, and understanding via the various articles published here, and we hope you feel the same way.

Today The Everymom, our editors are highlighting the stories we were most impacted by this year. Some of our favorites include anti-racism practices to bring into our (and our little one’s) lives, how to deal with the many emotions of toddlers, how to put ourselves first, and more.

Read on to see some of our favorite stories of 2020, and we can’t wait to share more with you in 2021.



How Scheduling Time to Worry Has Helped My Anxiety

This article has totally changed my perspective on worrying and anxiety. After reading Melissa’s inspiring advice and speaking with my own therapist, I’ve added scheduled time to worry into my weekly tasks—and this time-blocking tactic has done wonders for my mental wellbeing. It’s really improved my productivity and allowed me to put aside anxious feelings that, frankly, aren’t helping anything. Thank you, Melissa, for helping others with this thoughtful piece! 



The Everymom Endorses Biden/Harris in the 2020 Presidential Election

I read this article before I began working at The Everymom, and I remember being so full of admiration for the conviction it took to write such a potentially divisive piece. I shared it widely that day and still think of it as one of the landmark works on the site. The level of thoughtfulness and grace in the writing made me a forever-fan of The Everymom—a fandom which, of course, multiplied once I began working here as an editor.


Instagram Holiday Shoppers Beware: How to Spot a Scam

On a lighter note, I had so much fun reading this relatable piece. Our editor Kathy talks about how she fell prey to an Instagram holiday shopping scam, sharing before-and-afters that made me giggle at my desk. Who hasn’t had buyers’ remorse? Even now, mentioning the infamous Santa Scam of 2020 makes our whole team smile. 



How to Talk to Toddlers About Race

Growing up in a family that did not have healthy discussions about race until I was an adult, I had been struggling to navigate how to educate my toddlers until I read this article. It is one of my all-time favorites because it has a list of age-appropriate activities and also reminds me that these discussions are important to have even though my children are only 3 and 4 years old.



The One Rule I Live By That Makes Me a Better Mom

Our editor Lizzie has a gift when it comes to putting readers in the room with her as she describes relatable scenarios while mothering her fiery toddler and wonderfully expressive school-ager. She is also incredibly skilled at providing insightful reflection and helpful takeaways to readers anywhere on their motherhood journey. I find myself subconsciously referencing the practical takeaway in this story often, as I manage the daily challenges of mothering my own two daughters. I think Lizzie’s made me a better mom by way of sharing this special glimpse into her life.


6 Festive Outfits to Wear to Small or Virtual Holiday Celebrations This Year 

I consider our editor Jess my personal stylist, though she may not know it. Of all her fabulous fashion stories, I chose this one because I love the creative themes for each outfit (see: “Kevin McCallister”). I’m often able to assemble an outfit she suggests with items found mostly in my closet, but she always adds a fun accessory or staple piece to pull the look together. For example, I wore the exact outfit in this story for my Thanksgiving dinner at home this year. Some of my other favorite buys from her stories include this Halloween T-shirt, this holiday sweatshirt, and the straight-leg jeans all over this story



There’s Nothing Terrible About 2-Year-Olds—Here’s Why

I’m nearing the 2-year mark with my son, and the “terrible twos” are all I’ve ever heard about this stage. Well, sure, this stage may be a bit tough as kids begin to assert themselves more, but they’re not terrible. I really loved Lizzie’s perspective on 2-year-olds and the positive things she saw during this stage—reading this story helped me not be so afraid of the next parenthood phase.


In Defense of Scheduled Sex

Let’s add sex to the list of “Things People Don’t Talk About After Becoming Parents.” Seriously, this article made me feel so seen and that I wasn’t alone in trying to figure out how to keep the flame alive in my marriage. I love how the author writes about it not having to be so formal like a calendar invite, rather scheduling sex can just be a conversation. I appreciate this article as one more step towards normalizing conversations around sex and intimacy and all the ways it can look different for people.



I Struggle Putting Myself First—Here’s How I’m Changing That

Before reading this article, I didn’t really think much about how I wasn’t putting myself first. It just seemed to be the routine of my family, and I didn’t mind it. However, reading about Laura’s perspective and how she was making simple changes to address her own needs, I realized this was something important I should be looking at in my own life.


How to Convince Your Toddler to Actually Listen to You

At 18-months, my daughter’s personality and opinions are really starting to shine. I love seeing her become this independent little person, but I also feel very in the dark about how to properly communicate with her. Any time there is a toddler-focused story up on The Everymom, I immediately read it and feel much more prepared to deal with this exciting (and wild) stage.



It’s OK to Mourn an Early-Term Miscarriage—Here’s Why

I read this article a month after my own early-term miscarriage when I was still struggling to come to terms with it. Despite the statistics of how many other moms and moms-to-be experience this, I still felt very alone. At the time, I was also hurting from the dismissive reaction of someone very close to me, which was almost more painful than the miscarriage itself. Reading this helped me come to terms with it, feel like I wasn’t crazy, and move on from the hurt that person had caused me.


4 Reasons I Chose to Take Medication for My Postpartum Depression

The stigma around postpartum depression and about taking medication for it (or for any depression/anxiety) needs to stop. Brave, honest, and vulnerable pieces like this one go a long way in helping reduce the stigma. Not only is Laura’s description of her decision-making process thoughtful and introspective, but it is helpful to others potentially experiencing the same thing (which is a lot more of us moms than we talk about). It’s time we all support each other and our decisions as moms—even if they aren’t the ones we would make for ourselves. 


Why I Don’t Believe in Punishing My Toddler

Full-disclosure: part of the reason I loved this article is because I follow a similar parenting philosophy, which sometimes can be confusing or hard for others to understand. Lizzie does such a good job of explaining the difference between discipline and punishment and explaining why it’s so important to support our toddlers through tough situations while still teaching them important life lessons.



It’s OK to Mourn an Early-Term Miscarriage—Here’s Why

I also had an early-term miscarriage, and I really struggle even now (over a year later) with the idea that I was allowed to mourn someone I never technically met. It was so powerful to see someone else struggle with the same feelings and feel reassured that loss is loss and the feelings are so very real even when you never got to hold the baby. I felt really seen in that moment and reading this story gave me a lot of comfort.


The Problem with Saying Amy Coney Barrett Can’t Be Racist Because She Has Black Children

I am finishing up my foster license certification right now, and there is a large emphasis on how to parent across races. This article did a good job of discussing those issues with a real-life example. This is a huge problem within the world of adoption, and it was so important to me to see people talking about it openly outside of just the world of licensing. 


Readers Share: How Long After Birth Were You Ready for Regular Sex Again?

My friends and I are such TMI sharers, so when they started getting pregnant and then giving birth, I learned so much more than I ever had from health class or the movies. Any time I see someone destigmatizing sex and supporting honest conversations about our bodies, I jump in and devour the information. This article hit that sweet spot—and I learned so much about our postpartum bodies. 


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