9 Items I Didn’t Get at My Baby Shower But Wish I Did

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Who doesn’t love celebrating an expectant mom? In the pre-COVID world, a momma-to-be could probably expect a baby shower celebration filled with gifts, cake, and a whole crowd of people doting over her. Even with virtual baby showers, a few key things for mom get overlooked in favor of everyone’s obsession with cute baby onesies and swaddle blankets, despite good intentions.

If you are lucky, family and friends will spoil you with almost everything your babe will need during their first few weeks earthside, but few people are really thinking about what you, the new mom, will also need in those first postpartum weeks.

I found that despite endless research, mom groups, and forums, there were a few items I wished someone had told me about. I stocked up on more diapers than needed, bought too many cute outfits my son quickly outgrew, and spent time finding an adorable baby book I was too tired to actually fill out. Despite the various labor horror stories from my favorite aunts and jokes about never sleeping again, no one provided me with a list of items that would actually be game-changers for my postpartum healing and life with a newborn. 

So, I’m here to help you out with a list of things I wished I would have gotten at my baby shower, so you can request them on your registry or buy them for yourself!


For Mom


Diapers … and Not for the Baby

Just trust me on this one.

Frida Mom

Frida Baby Peri Bottle

The hospital will supply you with their typical peri bottle, but the angle from this one, designed with moms in mind, is a game-changer.

Earth Mama

Perineal Spray

So good to have on hand when you run out of the stuff the hospital sends home with you.

Frida Mom

Postpartum Ice Pads

Your undercarriage will thank you for this.

The Honey Pot

Postpartum Herbal Pads

When you no longer need the ice relief but still need soothing down there.

nipple butter
Earth Mama

Natural Nipple Butter

If you are breastfeeding, this nipple butter helps prevent cracking and is safe for the baby. But also can be used for your dry cuticles, elbows, and more.

My Brest Friend

Nursing Pillow

Not just your typical breastfeeding pillow. This straps securely around your waist so you don’t have to continue to reposition or prop it up with a dozen pillows.


For Baby


Nose Frida

This snot sucker is like no other. It may take some getting used to but, but this works so much better than the blue ball sucker from the hospital.


Fridababy Windi

Another tool that may take getting used to, but can immediately relieve an unhappy, gassy baby.


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