The Best Scary Movies to Stream for a Spooky Night In

Rushing home from school to get into costume and run the streets filling up bags of sugary goodness is most likely the only thing your kids can thing about when it comes to Halloween night. But between cold temperatures (it’s supposed to snow in Chicago this year!) and general exhaustion, no matter how you cut it, trick-or-treating can’t last all night.

Whether you’re skipping out on trick-or-treating all together or just want to finish the night in an extra-festive way, it’s the perfect night to cozy up with on the couch and watch a scary movie. Whether you choose to keep it PG with a family classic and watch with the kids or are game for a spook after the little ones are in bed, these are the best movies to stream on Halloween night (complete with their rating and how scary they are — five pumpkins signifies the scariest possible, while one is not scary at all).


1. Halloween, $3.99 on Amazon Prime

Scary level: ????, Rating: R

Perhaps the most classic horror movie of all time, Halloween is obviously the perfect Halloween film. It is definitely scary — it’s rated R — but for older kids, it’s a relatively tame jump into scary movies (it was made in the ’70s, after all).


2. The Nightmare Before Christmas, $2.99 on Amazon Prime

Scary level: ??, Rating: PG

One of the most nostalgic Halloween movies of all time (yes, it’s a Halloween movie, I will not entertain the idea of it being a Christmas movie), The Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie your whole family will love — no matter how young your kiddos are. Just don’t blame me when they’re requesting “This is Halloween” to be played on repeat on November 1st.


3. Hocus Pocus, $2.99 on Amazon Prime

Scary level: ??, Rating: PG

I’m the first to admit it: Hocus Pocus is actually a little scary. While it’s absolutely the best Halloween movies of all time, if you’re not in the mood to explain to your inquisitive 6-year-old what a “virgin” is (they say it A LOT), it might not be the best thing to stream. Besides that, it’s one of the best nostalgia-inducing movies to share with your kiddos.


4. Coraline, Netflix

Scary level: ??, Rating: PG

As far as Tim Burton’s spooky creations go, Coraline is – in my humble opinion — by far the scariest. Coraline lives in a home with a parallel universe through a hidden door, and on the other side, her “other” family lives with buttons in place of their eyes. It’s spooky, but with its PG rating, it’s a safe bet for most kids.


5. Monster House, Netflix

Scary level: ??, Rating: PG

When three friends’ lives are affected by a mean, elderly neighbor, they eventually realize the man isn’t what they should be scared of — rather, he’s trying to protect the neighborhood kids from his haunted house. It’s the perfect, innocent stream.


6. Pumpkinhead, Hulu

Scary level: ???, Rating: R

After his son dies, Ed is obsessed with revenge against the teenagers who are responsible and summons Pumpkinhead to hunt them. The ’80s gem is outdated and pretty corny to an adult but would be tolerably scary for older kids.


7. Scream, Amazon Prime

Scary level: ???, Rating: R

Scream is a ’90s classic for a reason: it’s quite scary, but the gore is dispersed through a healthy amount of humor. It was one of the first scary movies I ever saw, and I remember my pre-pubescent friends and I all being just scared enough to feel like we were celebrating Halloween appropriately.


8. Carrie, Netflix

Scary level: ????, Rating: R

Netflix added this ’70s classic right in time for Halloween for a reason. I remember seeing this when I was younger and not being scared but rather just pretty grossed out by a couple of the scenes (ahem, the shower scene at the beginning). While Sissy Spacek is pretty spooky, it’s perfect to laugh at as much as you feel scared.


9. A Quiet Place, Amazon Prime

Scary level: ????, Rating: PG-13

A new scary movie, A Quiet Place is full of suspense and a lot of scares, so if you want an actual scary movie without a cold-blooded killer (except for some giant spiders), this is your answer.


10. Insidious, Netflix

Scary level: ?????, Rating: R

If you want to dive into a real, terrifying scary movie, Insidious is a great option. It’s about a haunting, so there’s no blood or weapons; rather, just some very scary ghosts. After watching this one, you might be crawling into your kids’ beds for company instead of them crawling into yours.