From Zodiac Signs to Birth Flowers: Here’s What Makes Your Baby’s Birth Month Special


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Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

When you’re trying to start a family, it’s as though suddenly you become aware of the magical forces at play to make it happen. And when the stars align, and you discover you’re adopting, fostering, or pregnant with a real due date on the calendar, the future you imagined starts coming into focus.

As a mother, your excitement exploring and selecting the perfect baby name, introducing them to your culture and rituals, and deciding how you’ll decorate their nursery are all part of your baby’s auspicious origin story. Your child’s birth month creates a touchstone of their identity, too. It initiates them into an enchanted realm of birth month signs and symbols that include specific flowers, birthstones, seasons, and astrological signs. These signs and symbols span a diversity of alluring colors, shapes, and special meanings that can add a splash of flavor to your baby’s story. Whether you closely follow the cosmos or not, birth month signs and symbols are ultimately a fun way to imagine your baby’s special place in the universe.

Now, you don’t have to look any further to learn everything there is to know about your baby’s birth month signs and symbols—we’ve created a comprehensive guide! Perhaps they will hint at your little supernova’s future personality traits or favorite hobbies. They can also be a creative way to incorporate colors, visuals, toys, and stories into your baby’s world. Here’s everything you need to know about their birth month signs and symbols.


The start of a year marks new beginnings and affirmations brimming with possibilities. A baby born in January has the auspicious arrival of coinciding with Earth’s fresh orbit around the sun, possibly indicating your little one will be an initiative taker. As warm bundles of joy during January’s winter, they’re being set up as natural experts at warming others’ hearts as their life unfolds. 

January Birth Flowers: Carnation, Snowdrop


Capturing nearly every color of the rainbow, carnations embody a spectrum of sentiments. For example, pink represents affectionate love and red a more passionate love, while white represents purity and an innocent love. Depending on the colors that captivate your baby’s attention, there’s a ruffle-petaled carnation to nourish their feelings.


Snowdrops are dainty little white flowers that, come springtime, are some of the earliest to bloom. They symbolize the hope of growth, along with innocence and compassion—all of which are comforting for a baby’s delicate presence. 

January Birthstone: Garnet

With its deep and brilliant red color, garnets contain the fire of life and stimulate the heart. With this gem as their birthstone, a little one can anticipate protection, passion, and a strong will to make the most out of life.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn (January 1–19) or Aquarius (January 20–31)


Your little Capricorn—an earth sign represented by the goat—is a high achiever-in-the-making. By setting high standards, valuing organization, and seeking structure, Capricorns are known for their phenomenal ability to reach great heights in whatever they choose to pursue.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to do much guesswork to figure out what animates your baby’s zest to achieve—Capricorns are also practical and straightforward. Just provide them the stimulation, and marvel at what they accomplish by their own design! 


Scroll down to February’s zodiac section to see what being born under this free-thinking and quirky air sign has in store for your little Aquarius…

February Signs and Symbols


“All you need is love” could never be more true than for a baby with the good fortune of being born into the month of love and romance. Could there be a more precious Valentine than the arrival of your newborn? As a month of special affection, your baby will surely experience no shortage of cuddles and heartfelt attention. Don’t be surprised if they grow up with at least a touch of the sweet romantic in them.  

February Birth Flowers: Violet, Primrose


Despite being a vibrant shade of purple, violets symbolize modesty and humility. This could be because they are unassuming little flowers that nestle themselves into lush green bundles of leaves. With an association of faithfulness added into the mix, you can use this birth flower to keep your baby down-to-earth and committed to their dreams.    


From white to brightly colored hues like orange, hot pink, blue, and red, primroses are the flowers of fairies and new beginnings. They are one of the first flowers of a new year to bloom and symbols of beauty. Like little messengers celebrating that spring is on its way, primroses go hand in hand with your baby’s beauty and the fresh season their arrival brings.     

February Birthstone: Amethyst

An amethyst is the ultimate healer. This deep purple gemstone is valued for its healing capacity in all aspects, from our bodies and relationships to more ethereal details like our souls and spiritual awareness. If you’re looking to provide peace and calm for your baby and perhaps even begin unlocking their third eye right away, then definitely keep their birthstone handy as you bond together. 

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (February 1–18) or Pisces (February 19–29)


As needy as babies are, with your tiny Aquarius—an air sign represented by the water bearer—you might already be able to catch strong glimpses of their self-sufficiency. Aquarians can often be spotted for how much emphasis they place on their personal freedom. And their eccentricities!

Though your little one may be communicating more through giggles, babbling, cries, and cooing, imagine that they’re running deep with an Aquarius’s unique cerebral prowess. The more they grow, the more their large-minded and creative ways will be expressed in tandem with their altruistic heart and adorable quirks.


Scroll down to March’s zodiac section to see what being born under this intuition-based and artistic water sign has in store for your little Pisces…

March Signs and Symbols

march birth month signs and symbols

As the month that carries the promise of spring, your baby will certainly be the best living proof of life’s freshness. It’s a time of seasonal transition from cooler to warmer temperatures, as well as one that requires remarkable leaps of earthly energy to kindle new growth. Having a birth month in March sets your little one up to be able to embrace challenging transitions and create impressive new outcomes.

March Birth Flower: Daffodil

Daffodils are one of spring’s first flowers, and the moment they open you’re saluted by perky, yellow, and happy-looking companions. Symbolizing joy, rebirth, and hope, daffodils are the right birth flower to capture your baby’s sunny style and all the high hopes you have for them. 

March Birthstones: Aquamarine, Bloodstone


Aquamarines are oceanic stones that reflect the water’s calm and serene dimension. They’re emotionally cleansing and serve as a reminder that youthfulness is always available to you, no matter your age.  


Bloodstone is the birthstone to develop your baby’s resilience. Strong and grounding, it disrupts stagnation and inspires a new flow of energy.

Zodiac Sign: Pisces (March 1–20) or Aries (March 21–31)


From their earliest moments, you have a little dreamer on your hands. Your Pisces baby—a water sign represented by the fish—will be filled with imagination and highly in touch with the watery currents of their emotions.

Pisces are thought to be romantics who appreciate sentimentality and bring a gentle touch to their relationships and surroundings. Above all, they are highly intuitive and empathetic. So, offer your little one plenty of opportunities to be immersed in art so they can share the colorful landscapes that live inside of them.  


Scroll down to April’s zodiac section to see what being born under this headstrong and risk-taking fire sign has in store for your little Aries…

April Signs and Symbols

april birth month signs and symbols

April may have a reputation for rainy days, but it’s the showers that replenish the Earth and encourage things to grow. Plus, when they’re in harmony with the sun, rainbows emerge. By giving birth in April, you’re welcoming the springtime arrival of a baby who carries that same potential for creating a refreshing and colorful impact on the world. 

April Birth Flowers: Daisy, Sweet Pea


Daisies are full of delicate white petals and a cheerful yellow center. Maybe you’ve even pulled those petals yourself in a round of “they love me, they love me not.” These flowers represent innocence, purity, and an air of friendship, and they’re often given to new moms to signify childbirth. With daisies as your baby’s birth flower, now there’s an extra layer of meaning to celebrate.

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are a pleasing palette of whites and varying shades of purples and pinks, so it’s no wonder that they symbolize bliss and pleasure. Meeting with your little one will encapsulate the very same feeling, so it’s the perfect birth flower. Sweet peas also represent good wishes and gratitude, which are great indicators of a fulfilling life.   

April Birthstone: Diamond

Diamonds are symbolic of everlasting love, of course, but behind their famed association with wedding rings and marriage, diamonds are also sturdy symbols of strength and commitment, more generally speaking. They’re the hardest natural gemstone in the world. Having it to rely on as their birthstone, your baby will never be without love and grit.

spring baby
Source: @karissfarris

Zodiac Sign: Aries (April 1–19) or Taurus (April 20–30)


If you notice your little Aries—a fire sign represented by the ram—has an edge of intensity, that sounds about right. Aries are bold thinkers and doers. They are unafraid to dominate and maintain a sheer determination to achieve their goals and solve problems.

Since an Aries doesn’t shy away from taking risks, you can feel confident in exposing your little one to novel people, situations, forms of play, etc. The more you grant them the chance to fine-tune their tenacious tendencies, the better they’ll be able to channel them into becoming the captivating leader they’re destined to be!


Scroll down to May’s zodiac section to see what being born under this loyal and grounded earth sign has in store for your little Taurus…

May Signs and Symbols

may birth month signs and symbols

May is when the astonishing assortment of blooming flowers and trees is really underway. Plus, it’s the month of celebrating mothers! As a blossom of your own making, your baby will definitely radiate the magic of May’s miraculous extent of growth. Whether they’re gardeners of joy, adventure, make-believe play, or something else, they’re being born at a time when there’s so much life to embrace.  

May Birth Flowers: Lily of the Valley, Hawthorn

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley flowers are shaped like charming tiny bells in white and subtle pinks and share a sweet fragrance with those around them. Symbolizing femininity and a pure heart, they are fitting to express a mother’s pure love for her baby.


Hawthorn flowers are thought to signify a gateway to magical realms. Blossoming in an extraordinary display of white flowers all throughout the hawthorn tree, they’re an iconic token of fertility, spring, happiness, and hope.  

May Birthstone: Emerald

Famously worn by Cleopatra and other leading ladies, emeralds are thought to be the summoner of riches. Beyond the superficiality of wealth, an emerald’s striking green color is highly associated with Venus and softening the heart chakra (which is represented by green) so that your heart is more receptive to love over fear. It also carries strong ties to nature and exposing truths.

Zodiac Sign: Taurus (May 1–20) or Gemini (May 21–31)


Earthy, strong, and grounded, a Taurus possesses a strong grip on what matters to them most. Given that Taurus is an earth sign represented by the bull, this dedication and sense of personal responsibility to the people and endeavors they care about makes total sense.

With your baby born under this sign, you have a loyal little companion with the potential to flourish into a supportive and reliable family member and friend. Tauruses are also very sensual beings and value the comforts of home, so nothing will help your baby thrive more than presenting them with things that activate their senses in their favorite spaces in your home. 


Scroll down to June’s zodiac section to see what being born under this curiosity-driven and adaptable air sign has in store for your little Gemini…

June Signs and Symbols

june birth month signs and symbols

June’s sunshine is delightful and generous. As a June baby, your little one will be graced with plenty of light and warmth since it’s the month when summer officially begins.

June Birth Flowers: Rose, Honeysuckle


Roses are relationship cultivators, and this transcends beyond the fact that they’re one of the most popular flowers gifted to profess love and affection. If anything, it’s the roses themselves that had an irresistible call of attraction to be gifted in the first place. They have a rainbow of meanings, with red as romantic, pink as sweetness, orange as enthusiasm, yellow as friendship, purple as admiration or love at first sight, and white as purity. 


Optimistic and lovable flowers, honeysuckles have a wispy elegance that draws people in. With vivid summer colors like red, orange, and hot pink tempered by softer shades like yellow or white, they are symbols of total happiness. The fruity and yes, honey-like–fragrance honeysuckles emit only adds to their allure and explains why they’ve come to be associated with sweetness as well.

June Birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone


White and glowing with iridescence, pearls are the only water-born birthstone. Produced by oysters and other types of mollusks, pearls symbolize a journey of accumulated knowledge. Moreover, between an oyster’s seashell-like appearance and a pearl’s shape and color bearing resemblance to the moon, this birthstone is linked to purity and femininity.


Alexandrite is a birthstone of good luck, known to help align your physical experience on planet Earth with spiritual enlightenment in the heavens. What’s fascinating about the stone itself is that while it appears greenish blue in daylight, when you change the lighting, it instantly transforms to appear purplish red.


The gemstone of all things the moon, moonstone heightens intuitive wisdom, aligns you with your inner potential, and soothes the busyness of the mind to create clarity. The moon is sensitive to the tides, so a moonstone can increase your sensitivity to the ebb and flow of life and connect you to the pulse of the whole universe.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini (June 1–21) or Cancer (June 22–30)


Of all the signs, Geminis are the ones who carry many similar traits to the childlike spirit we cherish in little ones. Being playful, curious, and resourceful, a Gemini—an air sign represented by the twins—always keeps encounters interesting.

Your baby may be an active explorer with a nimble mind who can adapt to versatile environments. Because those with this sign are usually so flexible and full of good ideas, even on their fussiest days, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by what a pleasure it is to interact with your expressive little Gemini.


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July Signs and Symbols

july birth month signs and symbols

July is the heart of summertime, which suggests your baby will have no problem welcoming the thrill of life’s exciting adventures. Like the fireworks glittering across the sky, they may carry a propensity for beauty with winks of mischief.

July Birth Flowers: Water Lily, Larkspur

Water Lily

Water lilies are the most sacred of birth flowers, signifying enlightenment and the power to rise from humble circumstances. How is it that they’re able to bloom with seeming effortlessness from the water? With a sensitivity that causes them to close at night and reopen in the morning, they also symbolize rebirth.


With pretty columns of flowering blossoms in blue, purple, pink, and white, larkspurs are said to promote steady bonds with your loved ones. It’s a birth flower of joy, love, and an open heart, which is the best recipe to care for a baby’s gentle soul.   

July Birthstone: Ruby

The enticing blood-red ruby attracts the romantic and passionate parts of ourselves. It’s also a gemstone suggestive of great power, wisdom, and wealth.

july baby
Source: @mrscofieldandco

Zodiac Sign: Cancer (July 1–22) or Leo (July 23–31)


Having a Cancer baby graces you with a little one with the potential to be nurturing and intuitive—perhaps like their mother. To be a Cancer—which is a water sign represented by the crab—is to be heart-centered, loving, and deeply sensitive to even the subtlest forces at play around and inside of them.

Don’t fret if your baby seems to be especially shy or a homebody, that’s totally normal. Perhaps it’s this sign’s protective crab shell exterior in need of a bit more time and patience before coming out to play. Just give them some outlets for their creativity and your affection, and they’ll have all the comfort they need!


Scroll down to August’s zodiac section to see what being born under this warm and confident fire sign has in store for your little Leo…

August Signs and Symbols

august birth month signs and symbols

Besides being a month wrapped in warmth, August can be filled with summer-spun things like vacations, ice cream treats, and making the most fun out of what’s left of the season. Your August baby gets this month’s sun-kissed blessings alongside the eager energy that builds as a new school year approaches. They’ll be nicely balanced to appreciate playing lively games and settling down to learn new knowledge. 

August Birth Flowers: Gladiolus, Poppy


As tall and proud flowers with blossoms that grow in colorful vertical arrays, gladiolus flowers indicate victory and strength of character. Your little one can tap into their integrity and perseverance to meet success with this mighty birth flower.

Poppy: Seen in bright reds and oranges with a deeply colored mysterious center, poppies are often used for remembrance and to instill hope. Some poppy plants are used to produce opium, so they are also associated with peace and sleep. It’s a birth flower to bring out the calm, which can be welcomed in those early years of parenting.

August Birthstones: Peridot, Spinel, Sardonyx


Peridot has the zesty green appearance of a lime and is a friendship stone. As your baby’s birthstone, it can set them up for healthy relationships, a sense of compassion, and the recognition of life’s many abundances.


Spinel stones have an intriguing palette of colors and are known for their revitalizing properties. Since spinel has been quite treasured by royalty—including adorning the Imperial State Crown of the United Kingdom—it also suggests your baby will know how to set high standards for themselves.


Swirling with layers of earthy browns, maroons, and oranges, sardonyx brings out strength and courage to reinforce a resilient spirit. To possess it as a birthstone, your baby will be called to harness their power and valiantly protect themselves and others from negative energy.

Zodiac Sign: Leo (August 1–22) or Virgo (August 23–31)


Leos are fiery and ruled by the sun, so while your baby will always be the center of your universe, they’ll likely always be the center of their own as well. A fire sign represented by the lion, even a little Leo is bound to begin expressing the strength and proud confidence of a leader (think Simba in The Lion King).

Before you worry your baby will grow to be too self-involved, rest assured that Leos also have a warm and generous side that keeps them invested in their relationships. What’s more, you’re going to love seeing how your tiny Leo lights up with passion and reveals their cleverness when they go after what they want.   


Scroll down to September’s zodiac section to see what being born under this helpful and detail-oriented earth sign has in store for your little Virgo…

September Signs and Symbols

september birth month signs and symbols

September is when summer evolves to autumn, and there’s a heightened sense of community as back-to-school season gets underway. Your baby is entering the world right on time to experience changing colors and honoring the autumn harvest.

Having lovingly tended to your little one for months, including being heavily pregnant through the heat of summer, now you’re able to delight in—and with—the beautiful fruit of your labor. 

September Birth Flowers: Morning Glory, Aster

Morning Glory

With flowers in blues, purples, and pinks and leaves shaped like hearts, morning glories represent love, affection, and the beauty of dawn. Remarkably, they bloom in the morning and only last for a day at a time, meaning each morning an abundance of new blooms arrives! So, expect a baby who’s not only a sweetheart, but who’s able to surprise you with their creative ability daily. 


Asters are usually seen with purple flowers and yellow centers, calling to mind gatherings of stars. In fact, asters have even been named after the Greek word for ‘star’ and have come to be symbolic of faith, love, wisdom, and patience. Now you have even more of a reason to call your September baby your shining star! 

September Birthstone: Sapphire

The velvety dark blue of a sapphire stone is reminiscent of the backdrop of a starlit sky. By being paired with a sapphire as their birthstone, it can nurture your baby’s celestial connections, spirituality, and transcendent knowledge.

Zodiac Sign: Virgo (September 1–22) or Libra (September 23–30)


Virgos are earth signs represented by the virgin or maiden, and if there’s anything that they’re anchored to, it’s figuring out the how and why of everything they possibly can. Be prepared for a mini researcher to emerge as your baby starts to mature, who will be inspired to seek all sorts of knowledge and solutions to the world’s many questions.

Whether you call it perfectionistic or detail-oriented, your little Virgo will strive for all-encompassing excellence, but never at the expense of being kind, modest, and team-oriented. They’ll totally enjoy being mommy’s little helper as soon as they’re developmentally able to. If you invite them to do logical and practical activities together, that’s when they’ll come alive!   


Scroll down to October’s zodiac section to see what being born under this balanced and beauty-bound air sign has in store for your little Libra…

October Signs and Symbols

october birth month signs and symbols

The crisp air of October, accompanied by the many flame-colored leaves adorning the trees, creates an exciting backdrop for your baby’s birth. As the month of pumpkin spice lattes, the spooky fun of Halloween, and rustic fall crafts, your little pumpkin gets the privilege of calling this month their own.

October Birth Flowers: Cosmos, Marigold


Cosmos flowers are a bright constellation of warm-toned blossoms that are cute and perky to behold. As a birth flower, they can assist your little cutie with harmony, balance, and some spiritual inspiration sprinkled on top.  


Marigolds are brightly toned red, orange, and gold flowers with layers upon layers of ruffled petals. They are often used during the celebration of Día de los Muertos in Mexico to toast departed loved ones and serve as their spirit guides. With flowers that represent guiding light and solar energy, marigolds are an empowering birth flower to have.

October Birthstones: Opal, Tourmaline


Beyond its entrancing appearance that dances with all kinds of color play, opal is a birthstone of hope and luxury. This shimmer is perfectly emblematic of your baby’s shining presence. Opals are also known for amplifying the thoughts and feelings that live inside of you. 


Tourmaline can be black or watermelon-colored with a green and pink gradient, depending on its geological environment. Given this interesting stark contrast, maybe that’s why tourmaline can help you strike a reliable balance between the head and the heart and your chakras. For this, your baby may have an easier time clearing unproductive energy and creating space for love to lead the way.

birth month signs and symbols
Source: @claudia.redel

Zodiac Sign: Libra (October 1–23) or Scorpio (October 24–31)


The beauty-seekers of the bunch, Libras are the charmers with an inclination toward aesthetically pleasing moments and visuals. An air sign represented by the scales could mean your little one has a breezy temperament motivated by a sense of justice and fairness.

In an age where we’re more culturally aware than ever, you can bet it’s Libra’s openness to diverse opinions that will help your little one establish loving bonds with others. Libras can be indecisive, so ensure you surround your baby with the balance at the essence of this sign so they feel ready to voice their needs.


Scroll down to November’s zodiac section to see what being born under this mysterious and intense water sign has in store for your little Scorpio…

November Signs and Symbols

november birth month signs and symbols

While everybody has a different relationship with the notion of Thanksgiving, it’s still nice to have a month where gratitude is the star attraction. For many, November marks a time of togetherness with loved ones and of reflection on what you’re thankful for. In the midst of cooler temperatures, it’s also a delicious time to whip up cozy and comforting fall recipes. Learning how to be grateful is uplifting at every age, but with this birth month, your baby gets a definite head start!

November Birth Flowers: Chrysanthemum, Peony 


The colorful pom pom-like appearance of chrysanthemums—often called mums for short—is a wonderfully celebratory flower. Chrysanthemums are also prized in China and Japan to express nobility and happiness.


Peonies are most often seen in elaborate soft pink blossoms and are linked with receiving favorable fortunes and prosperous outcomes. A peony is a birth flower of both happiness and shyness, so it may present just the right dose of quiet delight for your little one.  

November Birthstones: Topaz, Citrine


Imagine swimming in the most dazzling blue pool of water—that’s blue topaz. Coupled with golden topaz, this birthstone can foster your baby’s ability to give and receive love, feel empathy, and uncover golden opportunities.


Citrine’s golden color isn’t the only reason it transmits a positive charge. It also has a history of use for increased confidence, an optimistic outlook, and favorable growth.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio (November 1–21) or Sagittarius (November 22–30)


Nobody’s assertive quite like the emotionally intense disposition of an independent-minded Scorpio. As a water sign represented by the scorpion, Scorpio’s intuitive emotions mixed with passionate determination start to make sense. They may also seem tuned into others’ emotions, too.

With a Scorpio baby, you might find they prefer to keep their rich inner world of thoughts and feelings private, no matter how old they are. Yet it’s their deep thinking that will give them a powerful magnetism. And even if they don’t always share, they’ll be fiercely loyal.


Scroll down to December’s zodiac section to see what being born under this worldly and comedic fire sign has in store for your little Sagittarius…

December Signs and Symbols

december birth month signs and symbols

December means strong finishes. After 11 months of life’s ebbs and flows, a December baby is going to know what it means to save the best for last. Beloved for its holiday celebrations, December exudes extra warmth and generosity to make sure nobody’s left feeling disheartened as the year comes to a close.

December Birth Flowers: Holly, Narcissus


Holly is for good luck, in addition to bringing the merry cheer of the holidays. Its bright berries and gatherings of little white flowers reveal its connection to fertility. Overall, having it as a birth flower suggests protection against ill will and misfortune.  


Narcissus is actually an entire family of flowers, the most popular of which are daffodils and jonquils. Both are bright yellow and white flowers with a joyous trumpet-looking center. As a birth flower, narcissus flowers will transmit happiness and a sunny attitude for the little sunshine of your life.

baby and parent
Source: @cataldanasager via #sharetheeverymom

December Birthstones: Tanzanite, Turquoise, Zircon


With its soothing bluish-purple color, tanzanite helps cultivate intuition, inner tranquility, and the ability to become aware of your personal truths. This is an introspective birthstone that can help your baby stay true to themselves, even during their early beginnings. 


Easily recognizable for its radiant blue color tinged with a bit of green, turquoise is a protection stone. To have it as a birthstone is life-affirming, supporting your little one’s health and well-being. Being reminiscent of the sky, turquoise can also remind them that the sky’s the limit as they grow up. 


Called the “stone of virtue,” zircon is positivity packed in a gemstone. Ranging from clear and diamond-like to blue, yellow, and earthy tones, it can help ground your baby, support restful sleep, and ultimately encourage their personal growth. 

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (December 1–21) or Capricorn (December 22–31)


Like a trailblazer following their own path, a Sagittarius—a fire sign represented by the archer—is usually a beacon for the rest of us. They’re fueled by a hunger to travel the world, gather insights about new cultures, and live to the fullest. Exploration comes naturally to a Sagittarius, which can indicate your little one will have a philosopher-like approach to discovering life’s many wonders.

With an often silly and upbeat personality, your Sagittarius baby will also be easy to connect and play inventive games with. As they begin learning to speak, it won’t be long before you see how willing they are to speak their mind. But even before they’re talking, your little one will be extra inclined to be unfiltered and friendly in their affection for you.


Scroll up to January’s zodiac section to see what being born under this high-achieving and organized earth sign has in store for your little Capricorn…

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