Mom Hacks: How to Use Amazon Subscribe & Save to Make Your Life Way Easier

Much like Ally recently admitted, I too am addicted to Amazon.

I first knew it was a problem when my husband would bring a package inside and ask “What’s in here?” and I had no idea. My go-to answer became “It’s a surprise!” Which truly it was… for both of us. Kidding. (Kind of.)

All jokes aside, Amazon Prime has made my life so much more efficient, and I’m even more grateful for it since having a baby. And, as if prime wasn’t enough, during maternity leave I discovered the magic of Subscribe & Save and quickly realized Amazon was about to take a lot more of my money. I have automated so many necessities and in turn, save a ridiculous amount of money — like, over $200 a month!

Before formula and diapers, I couldn’t think of anything I needed to automate. But now, I subscribe to as much as I can and wish I had started doing so years ago. I’ve also switched to a lot of Amazon brands, which are just as good, if not better, than the equivalent brand-name items.

One of my favorite things is that you can decide the frequency of your subscription. Amazon gives you the option of getting deliveries anywhere between one and six months, and when you’re first starting out, it suggests time frames based on other users’ order frequency. This way, if you find yourself stocking up on something or having not enough of another thing, you can adjust your deliveries accordingly.

The best part? Not only are these products showing up right on your doorstep without having to drag your kiddos out of the house and to the store, but you are also saving up to 20 percent on items you are already regularly buying.

If you’re not already on the Amazon Subscribe & Save train, hop on, and I’ll show you where to start – you won’t regret it.


Household Items

Paper Towels

Dealing with big and bulky paper towel packages is the worst. If you subscribe to nothing else, at least add toilet paper and paper towels.

Toilet Paper

Presto is an Amazon brand that I switched to recently and am loving — it's just as good as any brand name, but less expensive.


They get so gross and you never remember to grab them until it's too late.


Kid & Pet Products


With the Subscribe & Save discount, my formula ends up being about half the price of what I would pay at Target.


Diapers are also significantly less expensive. I am saving over $200 a month on baby products alone.

Dog Food

I don't personally have a dog, but all of my friends say that subscribing to dog food is the best decision they've ever made.


Personal Care Products


I mean, you need them every month anyway.


You should probably be swapping yours out more regularly than you do. This way, it's a no brainer.